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Please note that this dataset is 15+ years out of date - see Open Data Ottawa for up-to-date open datasets or Ottawa 1:1000 for more up-to-date licensed topographic data

Direct Download by neighbourhood - 1:2,000 Topographic Data

All of Ottawa:

Shapefiles: Ottawa buildings; Ottawa 2m contours; Ottawa roads and sidewalks

AutoCAD DWG files: Ottawa buildings ; Ottawa roads and sidewalks ; Ottawa contours, every 4th (download individual neighbourhoods if doing smaller areas) ; all Ottawa contours (1.4 Gb file)

Original CAD Topographic Mapping dataset from Open Data Ottawa (no longer available)




Ottawa 1:2,000 Scale Topographic Maps are vector base mapping files are available as neighbourhood sheets (based on the Ottawa Neighbourhood Study) as well as mosaic files covering much of the urban area of the city of Ottawa and part of downtown Gatineau (Hull sector). The data we are providing was previously (pre-2020) available via Open Data Ottawa as the CAD Topographic Mapping Dataset, which we provide by neighbourhood in both DWG and Shapefile formats.

Available Themes:

Roads, Buildings, Contours, Driveways, Sidewalks, Forests, Parking Lots, Pathways, Runways, Spot Heights, Vegetation, Water

Data Producer:

City of Ottawa

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Data Format:

Grid Coordinate System: Universal Transverse Mercator
Projection: Modified 3 Degree Transverse Mercator Zone 9
Horizontal Geodetic Datum: NAD83
Units: Metres and Square Metres
Spheroid: GRS80 6378137.0 m 6356752.314 m
Central Meridian: -76.5
Easting/Northing Unit: Metres
False Easting: 304800.0
False Northing: 0
Latitude of Origin: 0
Maximum Latitude: 80 00 00
Maximum Longitude: -75 00 00
Minimum Latitude: 0 0 00
Minimum Longitude: -78 00 00
Scale Factor: 0.9999

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