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Direct Download - Ottawa Police Service crime statistics 2005-2020 by city ward. Years 2017-2020 are in individually zipped folders and years 2005-2016 are zipped together.

Crime datasets from Open Data Ottawa




GIS staff created Excel (XLSX) spreadsheets of the crime data found in annual crime ward reports from the Ottawa Police Service from 2005-2020. Ward shapefiles including the crime data were also created. If you're unsure of where the city wards are, you can preview the ward boundaries on Open Data Ottawa.

Open Data Ottawa also provides a few crime datasets in Excel format, including Criminal Offences (last 5 years), Hate and Bias Motivated Crime, and Shootings and firearm discharges.

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Crime wards (shapefile), crime statistics (XLSX), and original PDF reports provided by the Ottawa Police Service.

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Ottawa Police Service, City of Ottawa

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Microsoft Excel

Projected Coordinate System: City of Ottawa
Projection: Transverse_Mercator
False_Easting: 304800.00000000
False_Northing: 0.00000000
Central_Meridian: -76.50000000
Scale_Factor: 0.99990000
Latitude_Of_Origin: 0.00000000
Linear Unit: Meter

Geographic Coordinate System: GCS_North_American_1983
Datum: D_North_American_1983
Prime Meridian: Greenwich
Angular Unit: Degree

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