Ottawa Thematic Data

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**Visit the City of Ottawa Open Data Catalog for the most up-to-date Ottawa thematic datasets. Zoning and Land Use are not included so we provide direct download access via the links above.**

The City of Ottawa provided a number of geospatial datasets to the University in support of academic research and teaching prior to the launch of the open data catalog. Those datasets are archived on our server and are itemized below.

Available Themes: 



Agricultural_Capability_Region Soil capability for agriculture
Aquatic_Habitat_Polyline Aquatic life habitats
Bike_Paths_1997 Bicycle paths
Cadastral_Concessions_1998 Concession lines
Cadastral_Lots_1998 Lot lines
City_Boundary_2001 Boundary of the city of Ottawa
City_Facilities City facilities
City_Parkland Park or related facility
City_Wards_2001 Political ward boundary
Community_Centres_1998 Community centres
Greenbelt Greenbelt – 18,000 hectares of NCC land
Health_Department_Program_Locations_Point Health department programs
Homes_For_The_Aged_Point Homes for the aged
Hospitals_1999 Hospitals
Land_Use Land Use activity
Landforms_Point Landform points
Landforms_Polyline Landform lines
Marlborough_Forest_Region Marlborough forest-12,000 hectares of city land
Municipal_Boundary_1998 Boundary of former municipalities
Neighbourhoods_1998 Neighbourhoods
Police_Fire_Ambulance_1998 Police, fire & ambulance stations
Powerlines Power lines
Public_Libraries Public libraries
Railways Railroad lines
Regional_Official_Plan Land Use distribution plan
RMOC_Regional_Boundary Former regional boundary
Roads_All_1998 All roads within the city of Ottawa
Roads_Federal_June2002 Roads owned by the Government of Canada
Roads_Provincial_June2002 Roads owned by the Government of Ontario
Roads_Regional_June_2002 Roads owned by the region
Schools_All Schools from all school boards
Schools_CECLFCE CECLFCE - French Catholic Schools
Schools_CEPEO CEPEO - French Public Schools
Schools_OCCSB OCCSB - English Catholic Schools
Schools_OCDSB OCDSB - English Public Schools
Schools_Private Private Schools
Social_Services_Department_Offices_Point Social services department offices
Tourist_Sites_2000 Major Tourist Sites
Transitway_2002 Public transit roads owned by OC Transpo
Vegetation_Region Vegetation regions
Villages_2001 Villages within the city of Ottawa
Watershed_Region Watershed regions
Waterways_Polyline Small rivers and creeks
Waterways_Region Major rivers and lakes
Zoning City of Ottawa Zoning By-law
Traffic Analysis Zones Work trips, daytime employment, population

Updated files:



City_Facilities_2003 City facilities
City_Parkland_2003 Park or related facility
LandUse2005 Land Use activity
Neighbourhoods_2002 Neighbourhoods
Public_Libraries_2003 Public libraries
Rivers Major rivers and lakes
Roads_All_June2003 All roads within the city of Ottawa
Schools_All_Fall2002 Schools from all school boards
Schools_CECLFCE_Fall2002 CECLFCE - French Catholic Schools
Schools_CEPEO_Fall2002 CEPEO - French Public Schools
Schools_OCCSB_Fall2002 OCCSB - English Catholic Schools
Schools_OCDSB_Fall2002 OCDSB - English Public Schools
Schools_Private_Fall2002 Private Schools


Data Producer: 

City of Ottawa

Authorized Users: 

Carleton University students, faculty and staff


Users are required to sign a Data Use Agreement before files may be acquired. All use of the data shall acknowledge the City of Ottawa as the owner of copyright. Data is provided 'as is' and the City of Ottawa makes no warranties as to the condition, quality, completeness or freedom from error of any dataset, or its fitness for a particular use.

Content last reviewed: December 8, 2020