Quebec 1:20,000 Scale Topographic Maps

Available online: 




1:20,000 scale topographic maps for the Outaouais region. These maps are an official topographic map of the Quebec government at a scale of 1:20,000. The data are extracted from aerial photography at a scale of 1:40,000 taken at an altitude of 6,300 meters. Each file covers an area of approximately 250 km2.

Available Themes: 

Boundary, Buildings, Designated Area, Equipment, Hydrography, Landforms, Transportation, Vegetation.


Data Producer: 

Ministère des ressources naturelles et de la faune du Québec

Authorized Users: 

Carleton University students, faculty and staff


Users are required to sign a Data Use Agreement before files may be acquired. All use of the data shall acknowledge the Government of Quebec as the owner of copyright.

Content last reviewed: August 30, 2018