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2007 colour orthoimagery:


The City of Toronto has provided a number of geospatial datasets to the University in support of academic research and teaching.

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The City of Toronto Building Outlines 2007 (revised 2014) dataset was generated from the City of Toronto's open dataset Forest and Landcover.


The Toronto Street Centreline contains geographic linear representation of transportation, hydro and rail corridors. Included are road classifications, street or feature names, address ranges and other associated data.


Digital Terrain Modeling for the City of Toronto.


Black and white orthoimagery of the city of Toronto in 2003. The images have a 7.5 cm ground pixel resolution, and have been created to print and view at a scale of 1:250.

Colour orthoimagery of the city of Toronto in 2007 provided by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The images have a 15cm pixel resolution.


The Parcel mapping for the City of Toronto.


The City’s Property Data Map (PDM) is a hybrid product combining elements of topographic and parcel mapping.The PDM depicts the following features: building envelope, railway lines, major watercourses, municipal address, curbs, park names, street names, property lines, streetline, catchbasins, hydrants, and streetlights/poles.

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City of Toronto

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Carleton University students, faculty and staff


Users are required to sign a Data Use Agreement before files may be acquired. All use of the data shall acknowledge the City of Toronto as the owner of copyright. Data is provided 'as is' and the City of Toronto makes no warranties as to the condition, quality, completeness or freedom from error of any dataset, or its fitness for a particular use.

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