Denmark Lidar-Based map




Danish GIS specialists Septima have released a map of 400 square kilometers of LIDAR data. The map uses data from the Danish Geodata Agency's National LIDAR based Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

The Danish National Geodata Agency has collected elevation data in Denmark by using LIDAR. This involves flying over the country and calculating the land height, by measuring the time the light from a laser takes to reflect off the land surface.

The Septima map allows you to compare the recently collated data (with a resolution of about 40cm) with the previous Danish DEM (about 160cm). Comparing the two DEM models you can clearly see the improvement in quality in the new DEM data. The map also includes a satellite map layer and a street map layer.

(This content taken directly from the blog, Google Maps Mania)

Content last updated: September 9, 2014