Ontario's Crown Land Use Policy Atlas


Ontario Ministry Of Natural Resources


This atlas allows users to view both the specific policies for any given area as well a map of its boundaries. The mapping component includes both an interactive web-based browser on which a user can view a site at various scales (or zoom levels) as well as a series of down loadable map tiles at a 1:100,000 scale showing all land use designations.   The Atlas contains land use policies consolidated from a variety of planning documents (e.g., district land use guidelines, Ontario’s Living Legacy Land Use Strategy). The Atlas is also the central site for presenting amendments and providing revisions to area-specific land use policies.

The Atlas does not include provincial land administration policies such as camping on Crown land or the construction of docks. It does not allow a user to obtain specific approvals, permits or licences required to carry out certain activities on Crown land, nor does it replace or provide regulations (e.g., hunting and fishing regulations).

The area covered by the Atlas includes more than 39 million hectares of Crown land and waters in central and northern Ontario or about 45 per cent of the province. Manitoulin Island and several other islands in the north channel of Georgian Bay are also included.

Content last updated: June 27, 2012