Ottawa 1:2,400 Scale Topographic Maps (1957-1965)


City of Ottawa


The Digital 1:2,400 Topographic Maps is a collection of scanned and vectorized hardcopy maps (paper format) of the Ottawa/Gatineau region. The range of years of the maps are from 1957 to 1965. The hardcopy maps provided by the University of Ottawa were sent out to be scanned in the summer of 2007. The hardcopy maps are currently archived at the Carleton University Library storage facility.

The maps were scanned at 300 dpi by Kovatec Inc., an Ottawa based company. They were saved as uncompressed TIF files along with the following processing operations: minor crop, deskew, global despeckling and rotation to proper aspect. In addition, Kovatec Inc. carried out an automatic raster to vector conversion, from TIF files to AutoCAD 14 (.dwg) files.

The digital maps do not have a spatial reference, but can be georeferenced using a GIS.

For more datasets re: the Ottawa region, please visit Carleton Library's GIS page

Content last updated: June 6, 2019