Roman Empire


Ancient World Mapping Center


Set of maps from the Ancient World Mapping Center, located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, of the Roman Empire, showing elevation, shaded relief, labels and point symbols. Also includes outline maps, with and without labels.

Maps include:

Campaigns of Caesar, Crassus and Pompey ; Campaigns of Marcus Aurelius and the Severan Emperors ; Expansion of the Empire in the Age of Augustus ; Imperium Romanum ; Roman campaigns, 44-30 B.C. ; Rome's Empire in 60 B.C. ; Rome's foreign wars, 113-82 A.D. ; Rome's northern provinces around A.D. 100 ; Rome's War in Italy and abroad, 78-63 B.C. ; Settlement of Veterans in Italy by Julius Caesar and Augustus ; Roman Empire's north and west in the "age of crisis".

Content last updated: October 31, 2012