Tokyo Population Density




Interactive map, by Esri using ArcGIS, of population density in Tokyo, Japan (created in 2014 using Census data).

As one of the world's largest cities, Tokyo's population density shows interesting patterns due to the industrial areas around the bay, historic district just west of there, and areas of population growth nestled in among the mountains nearby.  
Census data reveals that population density varies noticeably from area to area. Small area census data do a better job depicting where the crowded neighborhoods are. In this map, areas of highest density exceed 30,000 persons per square kilometer.  Very high density areas exceed 7,000 persons per square kilometer.  High density areas exceed 5,200 persons per square kilometer. The last categories break at 3,330 persons per square kilometer, and 1,500 persons per square kilometer. 

Content last updated: April 14, 2014