The paper collection is a non-circulating research collection of sheet maps, atlases, globes, microforms and cartographic reference works.

  • Sheet Maps: Over 150,000 sheet maps.
  • Atlases: Over 4,000 atlases on a variety of topics and locations.
  • Globes/3D Objects: 31 globes/3D objects are available and can be borrowed by contacting us at

Searching for Paper Maps & Atlases

Step 1: Connect to OMNI

Step 2: Type in Keywords (for example, Canada AND Rail)

Step 3: On the left hand side, under Resource Type, click Show More and Select the filter "Maps".

The following are the classification numbers assigned to each geographic area for Atlases and Maps. This should better help users navigate the map cabinets at the library.

Region Atlas Maps
  • North America
    • Canada
    • United States
    • Caribbean Area
    • Mexico
    • Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • U.S.S.R / Russia
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australasia
  • G1105-1692
    • G1115-1193
    • G1200-1534.24
    • G1535-1537
    • G1545-1549
    • G1550-1594
  • G1700-1779
  • G1791-2196
  • G2110-2196
  • G2200-2444.84
  • G2445-2739
  • G2740-2799
  • G3300-5184
    • G3400-3612
    • G3700-4384
    • G4390-4392
    • G4410-4763
    • G4800-4874
  • G5200-5667
  • G5700-7342
  • G7000-7342
  • G7400-8198.54
  • G8200-8904
  • G8950-9084

AIr Photos

Print Air Photos

We no longer have a collection of print air photos. For access to print air photos, please visit the National Air Photo Library. They are located at 601 booth st, Ottawa Ontario.

Digital Air Photos and Orthophotos

Our collection of digital air photos includes the City of Ottawa, sections of the National Capital area and selected other Canadian cities. Consult our GIS pages for descriptions of the photos and indexes. This collection is only available to Carleton students, faculty and staff.

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