The Carleton University Research Impact Endeavour (CURIE) Fund provides support for Open Access through limited reimbursment of article processing charges and fees for works authored or co-authored by Carleton researchers. The focus is on meeting funder-mandated open access and on works for which no alternative funding is available.

Information on the CURIE fund and application criteria is available on CURIE frequently asked questions and the CURIE fund documentation. For general information on OA please see our Open Access Overview.

Applications for CURIE funding may be submitted as soon as the work has been accepted for publication. Submissions will be reviewed each month and results will be communicated to all applicants as soon as possible thereafter. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please ensure you have the following:

  • Proof of final acceptance
  • Expected publication date
  • Links to journal's documentation of open access and author fees

Once your application is approved you will need to provide:

  1. Invoice or proof of payment
  2. Completed author detail list
  3. Depositable version of work (e.g. paper, chapter, book) as outlined in author agreement with journal or publisher

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Eg: Anthropology
CURVE Submission
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The CURIE fund requires that all supported articles are included in Carleton's Institutional Repository (CURVE) as part of its directive to promote Open Access,. As co-holders of the copyright in this work, all authors should be aware that the work will be deposited in CURVE, and may choose to also deposit copies in their own institutional repositories.
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This area is to allow provision of pertinent information regarding the publication or the authors not captured in form above