Fine Appeal Form

We make every attempt to be reasonable and fair when handling inquiries regarding library fines. Before appealing a fine, make sure you know why the fine was applied to your account: read the Library Regulations and send any questions to Account Assistance.

The following are not acceptable reasons for appealing a fine:

  • Lack of knowledge of library regulations and policies.
  • Failure to keep track of due dates.
  • Failure to renew items on time.
  • Failure to receive courtesy reminder notices sent by email.
  • Failure to return items because you were out-of-town.
  • Inability to renew books online.

To appeal on other grounds please fill out the form below. You may be asked to supply documentation to support your appeal, such as a medical certificate. You will normally be contacted within 4 working days. Decisions will be sent to the email address provided.

Please include titles and due dates of all items