Sage Research Methods database A great resource for help with the research process : research design, methodology, data collection & analysis etc.

What might have been a "good enough" search for resources when you were an undergraduate, may not cut it as a graduate student: you will need to dig deeper and expand your universe, be better organized and more analytical. The resources discussed on this course site should help.

Broaden your horizons:

  • go beyond our own library's collection: U of O, reciprocal borrowing, WorldCat, RACER (Interlibrary Loans)
  • delve into new types of material: find theses, conference proceedings

Dig deeper:

  • improve your searches by using thesauri and subject terms, following citation trails

Organize & analyze

  • Citation managment tools: Mendeley, Zotero
  • NVivo: qualitative data analysis
  • Writing help, e.g. for literature reviews
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