• Ocean acidification causes bleaching and productivity loss in coral reef builders
    • Types of annotations:
      • Highlight important terms.
      • Write out key words and definitions.
      • Pose questions.
      • Signal where important information can be found with key words or symbols.
      • Write short summaries or analyses in the margin at the end of paragraphs or sections.
      • Write the questions in the margin next to the section where the answer is found.
      • Indicate steps in a process by using numbers in the margin.
      • Make note of repeated ideas and dominant themes.
      • Make connections to other sources you have read.
      • Explain the context.
    • Questions to keep in mind when annotating
      • What is the rationale for this paper?
      • What is the objective/hypothesis being tested?
      • What major techniques (methods) are being used in this study?
        • ​Are the methods appropriate for testing the hypothesis?
      • What is/are the major conclusion(s) of the paper?
        • Are the authors’ conclusion is supported by the data?
      • What are the broader implications of the work, and why does it matter?

Tracking Activity

  • Open Web of Science
  • Find more current information from a relevant article
    • Harrison, P. L. et al. Mass spawning in tropical reef corals. Science. 223, 1186–1189 (1984).

  • Find references from a recent review
    • Boilard, A. et al. Defining coral bleaching as a microbial dysbiosis within the coral holobiont. Microorganisms. 8, (2020).


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