Welcome to the course guide for PSYC 3805. Here, you will find a number of resources to help you get started using library tools and research tips to get started with your research.

Subject Specialist for Psychology: Ryan Tucci

A detailed Subject Guide for Psychology is available and provides a list of databases, handbooks, encyclopedia, dictionaries, databases, and more.

Using Omni, the library search box

Our Omni help guide (with a live demo video) will provide you with helpful information including:

Finding databases on the library website

The library has access to a number of subject specific databases but finding them isn't always easy. This short video shows you how to find database on our library website.

Generate ideas for a topic and develop a keyword strategy

Generating ideas and developing a keyword strategy will help you find more relevant material when conducting searches. Below you will find a video that discusses this idea in greater detail. Boolean Operators are a great way to start developing stronger search strategies, this research tip sheet outlines some of the more popular Boolean Operators as well as outlines some additional search strategies.

Finding articles from citations

This video breaks down the components of a citation and helps you find articles using that citation.

Locating sources from an existing article (citation chaining)

Citation chaining can be a useful research strategy for finding more relevant/recent research on your topic. This video looks at citation chaining as a research strategy.

Research Method Resources




Psychological tests (guides)

More resources

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