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Subject headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) use controlled vocabulary to access and express the subject content of documents. This is a searchable index based on the readings from your course outline . Click on the links below to discover the Library's holdings:

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  1. Age and employment​
  2. Aging
  3. Aging -- United States
  4. Continuing education​
  5. Equality -- United States
  6. Gay and lesbian studies​
  7. Geriatrics​
  8. Gerontology -- United States​
  9. Gerontology​
  10. Great Britain
  11. Great Britain -- Social policy​
  12. Industrial relations
  13. Industrial sociology​
  14. Labor -- Canada​
  15. Labor movement -- Canada​
  16. Labour Canada
  17. Labour movement
  18. Labour movement -- Canada
  19. Lesbianism​
  20. Minorities -- United States -- Social conditions​
  21. Older people
  22. Older people -- Employment
  23. Older people -- United States​
  24. Organization
  25. Organization -- Research​
  26. Organizational sociology​
  27. Power (Social sciences) -- United States
  28. Race awareness -- United States
  29. Rehabilitation​
  30. Social policy​
  31. Social science -- Discrimination & Race Relations​
  32. Social science -- Ethnic Studies -- General​
  33. Social science -- Sociology -- General​
  34. Social sciences​
  35. Social service
  36. Social service -- Research​
  37. Sozialpolitik
  38. United States -- Ethnic relations​
  39. United States -- Race relations
  40. United States​
  41. Whites -- Race identity​
  42. Work -- Social aspects​


  1. Databases tagged 'Sociology'
  2. Databases by 'Type'
  3. Online journals by 'Subject'

Other recommended databases

  1. Canadian Census Analyzer: The Census Analyser provides access to census variables for most levels of geography, and to public use microdata files
  2. CANSIM II: CANSIM is Statistics Canada statistical database. It contains thousands of tables and reports from all fields
    1. Beyond 20/20 Browser: Use this software to cross-tabulate tables you have downloaded from CANSIM
  3. ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Sciences Research): The leading repository of American and international surveys and datasets in demography, political science, and sociology.
  4. ODESI: ODESI contains microdata from Statistics Canada, Elections Canada, as well as polling data. Build your own tables or download microdata and user guides
  5. Statistics Canada Census Portal: Statistics Canada gateway to census information.
  6. Statistics Canada Concordances: Learn how to compare NAICS codes from different years, NOC codes to SOC codes, etc.
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