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    Suggested reading

    1. Conducting a Literature Review | MacOdrum Library (
    2. 7 steps to a comprehensive literature review : a multimodal & cultural approach - Carleton University (
    3. The literature review : a step-by-step guide for students - Carleton University (

    Other recommended databases

    1. Canadian Census Analyzer: The Census Analyser provides access to census variables for most levels of geography, and to public use microdata files
    2. CANSIM II: CANSIM is Statistics Canada statistical database. It contains thousands of tables and reports from all fields. Beyond 20/20 Browser: Use this software to cross-tabulate tables you have downloaded from CANSIM
    3. ICPSR (Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Sciences Research): The leading repository of American and international surveys and datasets in demography, political science, and sociology.
    4. ODESI: ODESI contains microdata from Statistics Canada, Elections Canada, as well as polling data. Build your own tables or download microdata and user guides
    5. Statistics Canada Census Portal: Statistics Canada gateway to census information.
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