ArcGIS Desktop Advanced is not authorized for use.

To ensure proper authorization of your ArcGIS Desktop software you first need the single use advanced provisioning file and to follow the instructions on our ArcGIS Desktop Guide here.

  • If you have already completed this step, on your desktop with the installed software, open the ArcGIS Administrator. To do so, select Programs (or All Programs) > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator. This takes you to the software specifics.
  • Select Availability to view the status of ArcGIS Desktop licensing. If the window shows “No” under the Authorized column then your software has not been authorized.
  • In the ArcGIS Administrator select Desktop, ensure that you have the ArcAdvanced (Single Use) option checked, and click on Authorize Now. Proceed with the authorized procedure as outlined in Step 4: Authorize ArcGIS Desktop of the ArcGIS Desktop - Installation Guide.

ArcMap is not authorized for use.

You may have selected the wrong software product during authoriziation process. Open ArcGIS Administrator , select Programs (or All Programs) > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator. Check that the Advanced(ArcInfo) Single Use option is selected if not, select it and click Apply.

'Authorize Now' button is grayed out.

Log in to the computer as the Administrator and complete the authorization process.

Could not connect to license manager running on Host “Not_Set.

This indicates installation of the Concurrent version of the software which will not work with the single use advanced provisioning file you received.

  • Cancel any authorization process in progress.
  • Go to the ArcGIS Administrator (Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcGIS Administrator).
  • Select Availability and check if expiration dates are listed. If not, then your software was not fully licensed.
  • Select Desktop and in this screen select Advanced(ArcInfo) Single Use.
  • Click on Authorize Now and continue with the authorization process as outlined in the ArcGIS Desktop - Installation Guide.

Error 502: "Bad Gateway" or Error 504: "Gateway Timeout Error" when attempting to sign license agreement form.

This issue is usually associated with a network or server error. You can try any of the following:

  • Refresh the webpage;
  • Close all open browser windows and start a new browser session;
  • Try using a different internet browser;
  • Clear your browser's cache; or
  • Delete your browser's cookies.

Error 7131: Server activation is not allowed to activate entitlement line item

This error appears if a concurrent license type has been selected instead of a single use license type.

  • Cancel any authorization process in progress
  • Open the ArcGIS Administrator
  • Select Desktop in the left side panel
  • In the right side panel, ensure Advanced ArcInfo (Single Use) is selected
  • Click Authorize Now
  • Continue with authorization process

Error 7466: Deauthorization of the license is denied because max number of returns is exceeded.

The ArcGIS Desktop Student Edition Single Use License is restricted to 4 deauthorizations per year (the year begins from the date of the first deauthorization). Contact outlining why you exceeded 4 deauthorizations and to request a new single use license file.

I do not know if my computer meets the system requirements to run ArcGIS Desktop.

You can use this online tool to check if your computer meets the system requirements to run the ArcGIS Desktop software. Additionally you can view the systems requirements for ArcGIS Desktop v.10.7.

I want to renew my expired ArcGIS Desktop License, not upgrade the software.

Follow the instructions found here and skip step #3 - "download latest version of software." On your computer, open ArcGIS Administrator (Programs> ArcGIS> ArcGIS Administrator). First, you should deauthorize your software to remove any license still in use or expired. Once you have deauthorized your current version of the software you can proceed with the authorization process. in the ArcGIS Administrator, click on Desktop and select Authorize Now. Continue with the authorization process as outlined in step #4 of the ArcGIS Desktop - Installation Guide.

Moving ArcGIS Desktop from one computer to another.

As the ArcGIS Desktop Student Edition of the software is single use license, you can not simply uninstall and reinstall the software. Open ArcGIS Administrator (Programs> ArcGIS> ArcGIS Administrator) and select Support Operations. Click on the Deauthorize button.

The Deauthorization Method window will appear. Keep the default option selected and click Next.

The Deauthorization Options window will allow you to select which products and extensions to deauthorize. Once the software is deauthorized, you can now install the software onto the target computer and authorize it with the your single use advanced provisioning file. If you encounter any difficulty with the process, please contact

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