Library of Congress call numbers

A call number is similar to a street address, it helps you to find an item in a specific spot on the shelf, on a specific floor in our library. Each item has a unique call number based on the subject, but items on the same subject have similar call numbers. This means that related items are shelved together, making it easy for you to discover them by browsing the shelves.

The call number is usually located on (or near) the lower spine of the item.

Read call numbers from left to right, Example: D810.S7M577 2004

On the shelf, read call numbers from top to bottom





Below is an outline of the Library of Congress Call Number Classification System used by Carleton and most academic libraries.

A-HN: Floor 5 in our Library

A: General Works

  • AE: Encyclopedias (General)
  • AI: Indexes
  • AM: Museums
  • AP: Periodicals
  • AS: Academies and learned societies
  • AY: Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories

B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

  • B: History and systems of philosophy
  • BC: Logic
  • BD: Speculative philosophy
  • BF: Psychology
  • BH: Aesthetics
  • BJ: Ethics
  • BL: Religions, Mythology
  • BM: Judaism
  • BP: Islam
  • BQ: Buddhism
  • BR: Christianity
  • BS: Bible
  • BT: Doctrinal theology
  • BV: Practical theology
  • BX: Denominations and sects

C-F: History, Description and Travel

  • CB: History of civilization and culture
  • CC: Archaeology (General)
  • CD: Diplomatics, Archives, Seals
  • CE: Chronology
  • CJ: Numismatics
  • CN: Epigraphy
  • CR: Heraldry
  • CS: Genealogy
  • CT: Biography (General)
  • D: History (General)
  • DA: Great Britain
  • DB: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary
  • DC: France
  • DD: Germany
  • DE: Classical Antiquity
  • DF: Greece
  • DG: Italy
  • DK: Russia, Poland
  • DL: Northern Europe
  • DP: Spain, Portugal
  • DQ: Switzerland
  • DR: Eastern Europe; Turkey
  • DS: Asia
  • DS520-DS689: Southeast Asia
  • DT: Africa
  • DU: Oceania, Australia, New Zealand
  • E: America (General), United States
  • F1-975: United States (local)
  • F1201-1392: Mexico
  • F1401-3799: Central and South America, the Caribbean area
  • FC: Canada

G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

  • G: Atlases, Globes, Maps
  • GA: Mathematical geography, Cartography
  • GB: Physical geography
  • GC: Oceanography
  • GF: Human ecology
  • GN: Anthropology
  • GR: Folklore
  • GT: Manners and customs
  • GV: Sports and recreation
  • GV1580-GV1799: Dance

H - HN: Social Sciences and Business

  • H: Social sciences (General)
  • HA: Statistics
  • HB: Economic theory, Population
  • HC: Economic history, Development
  • HD: Land, Agriculture, Labour, Industry
  • HE: Transportation and communication
  • HF: Commerce, Accounting, Marketing
  • HG: Banking, Finance
  • HJ: Public finance
  • HM: Sociology
  • HN: Social history, Social problems

    HQ-PR: Floor 3 in our Library

    HQ-HX: Social Sciences and Business

    • HQ: Family, Marriage, Women
    • HS: Societies and clubs
    • HT: Urban Studies, Social Classes, Races
    • HV: Social work, Criminology
    • HX: Socialism, Communism, Anarchism

    J: Political Science, International Affairs, Public Administration

    • J: Official documents
    • JA: Collections and general works
    • JC: Political theory
    • JF: Constitutional history and administration
    • JK: United States
    • JL: Canada
    • JN: Europe
    • JQ: Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania
    • JS: Local government
    • JV: Colonies
    • JX: International affairs, International law

    K: Law

    • K: Law (General)
    • KD: United Kingdom and Ireland
    • KE: Canada
    • KF: United States
    • KG: Latin America, Mexico and Central America
    • KH: South America

    L: Education

    • L: Education (General)
    • LA: History of education
    • LB: Theory and practice
    • LC: Social aspects

    M: Music

    • M: Music (General), Scores
    • ML: Literature of music
    • MT: Theory of music

    N: Fine Arts and Architecture

    • N: Visual arts (General)
    • NA: Architecture
    • NB: Sculpture
    • NC: Drawing, Design, Illustration
    • ND: Painting
    • NE: Print media
    • NK: Industrial design, Applied arts
    • NX: Arts in general

    P-PR: Languages and Literature

    • P: Philology and linguistics
    • PA: Classical languages and literatures
    • PB: Modern European languages (general)
    • PC: Romance languages: Italian, French Spanish
    • PD: Old Germanic and Scandinavian languages
    • PE: English language
    • PF: German language
    • PG: Slavic languages and literature
    • PH: Finno-Ugrian and Basque languages and literature
    • PJ: Middle Eastern languages and literature
    • PK: Indo-Iranian languages and literature
    • PL: Asian and African languages and literature
    • PM: American Indian languages
    • PN: Literature (general and comparative), Broadcasting, Film, Journalism
    • PN1993-PN1996: Motion Pictures
    • PQ: Romance literatures: French, Italian, Spanish
    • PR: English Literature

    PS-Z: Floor 1 in our Library

    PS-PZ: Languages and Literature

    • PS: American literature
    • PS8000 Canadian literature (French and English)
    • PT: German literature
    • PZ: Juvenile literature

    Q: Science

    • Q Science (General)
    • QA: Mathematics, Computer science, Artificial intelligence
    • QB: Astronomy
    • QC: Physics, Meteorology
    • QD: Chemistry
    • QE: Geology
    • QH: Natural history, Biology
    • QK: Botany
    • QL: Zoology
    • QM: Human anatomy
    • QP: Physiology
    • QR: Microbiology

    R: Medicine

    • R: Medicine (General)
    • RA: Public health
    • RB: Pathology
    • RC: Neurology, Psychiatry, Geriatrics
    • RD: Surgery
    • RG: Gynecology and obstetrics
    • RJ: Pediatrics
    • RM: Pharmacology
    • RT: Nursing

    S: Agriculture

    • S: Agriculture (General)
    • SB: Plant culture
    • SD: Forestry
    • SF: Animal culture
    • SH: Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fishing
    • SK: Hunting

    T: Technology

    • T: Technology (General)
    • TA: Engineering (General), Civil engineering, Soil mechanics
    • TC: Hydraulic engineering
    • TD: Environmental technology
    • TE: Highway engineering
    • TF: Railroad engineering
    • TG: Bridge engineering
    • TH: Building construction
    • TJ: Mechanical engineering and machinery
    • TK: Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computer science
    • TL: Motor vehicles, Aeronautics
    • TN: Mining and metallurgy
    • TP: Chemical technology
    • TR: Photography, Cinematography
    • TS: Manufactures
    • TT: Handicrafts, Arts and crafts
    • TX: Home economics, Cooking

    U: Military Science

    • UA: Armies
    • UB: Military administration
    • UG: Military engineering
    • UH: Other services

    V: Naval Science

    Z: Book industries and trade, Libraries and library science. Bibliography

    Note: Here is a more detailed version of the Library of Congress classification system. Their FAQ's will help explain how call numbers are created.

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