ChatGPT Citations

Using ChatGPT or other generative AI in your course assignments or thesis?

If an assignment requires or permits use of ChatGPT or other AI tools, you must reference all content that you use. Failure to cite non-original, externally sourced work can result in a violation of Carleton’s academic integrity policy.

Before you begin your research, first confirm with your professor or instructor what if any ‘generative AI’ tools are permitted for a specific assignment. Restrictions can be assignment specific.

Citing ChatGPT: We are currently updating our citation guides with details on citing generative AI sources - updates include:

  • APA
  • IEEE - no formal referencing style guidance yet
  • MLA

Can I use ChatGPT as a "co-author" on a paper?

Major scientific publishers including Science, Elsevier and Nature have updated their publishing policies, stating that ChatGPT cannot be listed as an author on an academic paper.

Is there a quick summary of more details on ChatGPT?

This summary table in section "The Six Large Language Models" provides a good high level overview of possible considerations - developments changing rapidly.

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