There are many free citation/document management systems available. The library provides support in the use of some of these tools, but feel free to try any others on your own.

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We provide support for:

Which one should I use? Which one is the best?

  • All of the above provide the same basic functions such as
    • ability to collect, save, organize your references and pdf documents
    • ability to search your own collection and add notes
    • ability to create bibliographies in different citation styles such as APA, MLA...
    • ability to work with Word so you can write, include citations, and produce your final bibliography
    • ability to share/collaborate
  • However, each works a bit differently and each has other features the other tools may not have
  • The "best" tool is the one that meets your own individual needs best, the one you find easiest to work with: no single tool is the best for everyone. This feature comparison chart prepared by University of Toronto Libraries compares Mendeley, Zotero, and EndNote amongst others and may be helpful in deciding which one might best serve your needs.
  • You can also contact us at if you have questions or would like a demonstration of any of the above.
  • You can attend one of our general Citation Management workshops where we demonstrate a few of these tools and explain what is common across them all, and how they differ from each other.

Other tools:

A non-exhaustive list of other tools that may be used for quick bibliographies, managing references and/or managing documents.

  • BibMe: free, but you have to set up an account
  • Easy Bib: free version is only for MLA style. For APA, Chicago... you can get 3 day free trial, or pay for the full version.
  • More complete list of available tools
  • Also, many of our databases have a built in quick citation ability, just look for citing links from search results page.

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