Call numbers used in the Government Documents Collection are based on a numbering system called the CODOC system that identifies the government body that has issued a publication.

Structure of CODOC Numbers

CODOC numbering indicates country or international organization, level of government, the agency responsible for the document, the date of publication (if a single work) and a title indicator.

The language of the document text is also shown at the end of the call number line but does not appear on the call number label on the book. Example: ENG = English; FRE = French; EXF = English and French

Works that are published on a continuing basis under the same title (serials) do not have a date of publication in the CODOC number and are shelved before single works that have a date of publication. Example shelf ordering:

Serial: World development report UN9 MG W53 .ENG
Monograph: A guide to the World Bank UN9 MG 2003.G78 .ENG

Some frequently used country and international organization codes:

Code Country or International Organization
CA1 Canada (federal government)
CA2 Canada (provincial governments); CA2ON = Ontario
US1 United States (federal government)
UN1-UN8 United Nations and subordinate agencies
UN9 Organizations part of the United Nations System; UN9 ES = UNESCO
ZZ Non-UN international organizations; ZZ ECA = OECD

The spaces in the call number are used to indicate the end of each line in the call number, when it is typed vertically on a call number label. Example:

Location Call # Status
Floor 1 Documents DDV CA1 EA200 86.N55 .ENG LIB'Y USE ONLY

The above catalogue record matches the call number label:


Location Codes in the Documents Collection

When noting a government document call number, it is extremely important to include the three-letter location code (found in the LOCATION box after "Floor 1 Documents" in the catalogue record) because the Documents Collection is divided into many parts.

Code Location
DDV & DDV2 General print material
DDM Document microfiche
DDN Document microfilm
MDE Digital format documents (CD-ROMs)
STF Documents in storage in the Storage Facility - available by request

Note: Some titles may be in more than one location.

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