If none of the options on our Elevation Data page meet your needs, this help guide will show you how to:

  1. Find a digital elevation model (DEM) for your area on the NASA Earthdata website
  2. Load a DEM into Global Mapper find your location
  3. Create contours from the DEM in Global Mapper
  4. Export the contours to AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg) or shapefile (.shp) format

**To create contours from a DEM in QGIS, use the Raster > Extraction > Contour built-in tool then save contours as shapefile or DWG.

**To create contours from a DEM in ArcGIS Pro, find details here.

ASTER is a technology that was used to create digital elevation models (DEMs) for the entire globe at a 30 metre resolution, which means each pixel is 30m x 30m and has one elevation value assigned to it. Global Mapper is a viewer capable of displaying elevation datasets and allows users to create contour lines from DEMs. If you have a site outside Canada for which you need elevation contours, this is how we recommend obtaining them.

While users can download a free trial version of Global Mapper at http://www.globalmapper.com/, this version is not the full version and does have considerable restrictions that do not allow the user to export to any file type. The Global Mapper found on the library's GIS Workstations has full functionality.

You can always contact us at gis@carleton.ca with questions.

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