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Always include a reference list with full bibliographic information for all cited sources at the end of your report.

The Citation-Sequence and Citation-Name systems are identical except for the order of references. Be sure to be consistent throughout your assignment in whichever style you chose to use.

If you wish to use the Name-Year citation system, click here

Using Citation-Sequence

  • References are numbered
  • Reference list is ordered numerically in the sequence they appear in the text.

See the Citation-Sequence sample reference list

Using Citation-Name

  • References are be numbered
  • Reference list is ordered alphabetically by author surname.
    • Numbers assigned to the end references are used for the in-text references regardless of the sequence in which they appear in the text of the work.

See the Citation-Name sample reference list

Formatting your reference list

  • Place your reference list at the end of your document
  • Begin the reference list on a new page with the title "References" centered in the page.
  • Use a number for each entry (Order depends on the system used)
  • Keep the first line flush with the left hand margin
  • Indent successive lines 1.27cm (also called a hanging indent)

Select the format your wish to cite from the list below.

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