DMTI Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) file is a vector GIS database of over 1.5 million business and recreational points of interest for all provinces and territories of Canada. The attribute information contains multiple feature types and categories to provide easy data extraction and feature type management, including the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes, (NAICS) codes, Name of Business, Phone Numbers, etc.

EPOI will help you find out what’s inside buildings like restaurants, businesses, grocery stores, etc. Although it is a good option, it is also imperfect as it is impossible to keep up to date.

How to use this guide

Everyone will need to do Step 1: access the Canada-wide EPOI dataset.

If you want to filter the EPOI data for businesses of interest in Scholars GeoPortal, go directly to Step 3a.

If you want to download the EPOI data and then use ArcGIS Pro to filter for businesses of interest, do either Step 2a or Step 2b and then go to Step 3b.

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