Subject Headings

When you a find a few relevant journal articles or book, you can use what you have already found to find other resources on the same topic.

There are a few strategies you can apply. The guide shows you how to find more using Subject Headings.

When you enter your keyword search in OMNI, you are given a list of results. Click on a title and you are brought to that resource's bibliographic record . This record provides a lot of detail about a book, article, video, map, and other resources.

  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • doi
  • Call #
  • Description
  • Online availability

The bibliographic record also includes subject headings, a controlled vocabulary derived by the Library of Congress.

This vocabulary links all records in OMNI on the same topic.

For example,

Search for this title "Living in a dangerous climate: climate change and human evolution".

From the search results, click on the title which is hyperlinked; you are then brought to a bibliographic record. Scroll down and you will see Subjects. Click on the terms and you will be given a whole new set of results.

A screen shot of subject headings in a bibliographic record
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