If you have the title of the article:

  • Search the article title in Omni
  • It will usually be the first result in the list
  • Click on the "available online" link to get access to the article
    • if it shows "no online access" click on the title to open the full record to see if we have a print copy
    • if no print copy you can order a pdf copy through RACER, our Interlibrary Loan service
      [NOTE: you must be logged in to the Omni "My account" to see the interlibrary loan link]

Omni result highlighting the "available online" link and the "add resources beyond Carleton's collection"

  • If the article does NOT show up in the result list:
    • Check carefully and correct any typos
    • Check the box marked "add resources beyond Carleton's collection" (left side of screen)
    • If the article then appears, you can order a copy through RACER, our Interlibrary Loan service (see link above)
  • If after searching you can NOT find the article, you can always fill out a RACER request manually with as much information as you have: logon to your RACER account and use the Blank Request Form on the left of the screen

If you don't have a specific article, but are looking for some articles on a topic:

  • Start with Omni OR you can try one of our subject-specific databases [see our Subject Guides for recommended databases]
  • Try to think of your topic in terms of key words or phrases rather than sentences. See our Help with Omni for lots of tips and examples
  • Use the Omni filters (left side of screen) to refine your results, for example:
    • filter Availability to just peer reviewed journal articles
    • filter Publication Date to last 5 years
    • filter Journal Title to see all articles from a specific journal
  • Scan the article Subject words and Description for other words/phrases that may be useful in a search
  • Remember that a good search is iterative: use results of your initial search to help find more related articles
  • Most articles will show an "available online" link, follow it to access the full text of the articles
  • If not available online, follow the link to the full record to see if the article may be in a print journal in the library OR available to order (as a pdf) through RACER , our Interlibrary Loan service.
    [NOTE: you must be logged in to the Omni "My account" to see the interlibrary loan link]


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