Looking for a specific article?

This page shows you how to find a specific title using the library's website. It also provides guidance on what to do if your title is not held by Carleton Library.

Scenario: You have been given the title of an article and do not know where to look. First step? Use the Library's discovery tool OMNI.

There are two ways, using the library to find a specific title.

Strategy # 1

Use the OMNI search box. Enter your title in quotation marks.

For example, "Adverse experiences, mental health and substance use disorder as social determinants of incarceration".

Strategy # 2

Use Advanced Search. You can find this directly under the OMNI box.

Choose search filter "Title" in the drop-down menu and enter your article title.

Picture of Omni search box

If the article is listed in OMNI but our library does not own it, you can order it right from OMNI. This service is free and has a very quick turnaround. If you need assistance with this

If you cannot find the article using OMNI, or another academic database held by Carleton, check to see if your title is in Google Scholar.

If not, please use InterLibrary Loans, a service that allows you to borrow from other libraries.

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