Browsing print books in the library

To get started, use OMNI to find books on your topic.

  1. Enter 1-3 keywords on your topic (i.e. climate change)
  2. Use OMNI to refine your results (left hand side of the search results screen)
  3. From Refine your Results, select Print/Physical Item and Books.
Screenshot of OMNI refinements

There are two ways to browse books:

  1. Virtual browse
  2. Browsing the shelf using a call number (classification)

1. Virtual Browse

OMNI allows you to browse a virtual shelf to search for other books that match your topic.

Scroll to the bottom of a single record for a physical item to virtually browse other items sitting next to it on the shelf. Or, click "Virtual Browse" located in the left hand menu.


2. Browsing for print books in the library

You can use the Library of Congress call number found on the book's spine or front cover to locate other books on the same topic. This is called shelf browsing.

You can also use subject headings within each title's record to discover more resources on the same topic.

Click on the title and you will discover the entire bibliographic record.

The image below shows the title of the book, authors, the call number and what floor of the library it is located on.


This book is on the 5th floor and the alpha-numeric call number follows.

Go to the 5th floor, find the book and check the other books sitting beside these.

If you need help finding a call number on the shelf, contact:

Library Services


More information:

The Library Services desk is located on Floor 2, MacOdrum Library.

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