Carleton University Library welcomes the opportunity to partner with and support our faculty, researchers and students in open publishing activities.

Getting started

The library will support you through the initial set-up and work with you through various implementation decisions you control (e.g. peer review model, assignment of editorial and journal manager roles, etc.) It may help to view and complete this form to understand some of the preliminary decisions that will need to be determined when getting started with our open journal implementation team.

Support Overview - Library Role

Our support includes:

  • Initial setup and consultation for implementing an open journal
  • Journal hosting on a robust network with long-term access and preservation in mind - we manage and maintain the OJS software and server upgrades using PKP's Open Journal Systems platform
  • Discovery and access – consultations on getting your journal included in academic indexes and other major search engines and journal directories; support for DOI, ORCID and other metadata connectors; ensuring platform supports current practice in discovery and access.
  • Training on the journal submission process, including workflow support (we can provide sample policies and statements for you to customize copyright, guidelines for reviewers, editors, and authors etc.)
  • Ongoing technical support for troubleshooting issues after your journal goes live

If you’d like to explore what we do in more depth, the OJS Guide to Online Publishing provides a more detailed overview.

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