R is a free, open source programming language for statistical computing. It can be used for statistical analysis, data process automation and more!

Learn R Programming: The Definitive Guide

Using R

  • Provides access to numerous resources and workshops

Tutorials for learning R

  • (R-bloggers)

An Introduction to R

  • Workshop slides from the Data Service team

Introduction to Data Science with R

  • YouTube (1h22min)

You're a student: The swirl R package

  • A good R tutorial which you run in R itself

Learn, Share, Build: Stack Overflow

  • Free to join community where you can ask questions about R, SAS, Python, etc… Community answers back quickly

UCLA Statistical Methods and Data Analysis in R

Data Analysis in R

  • Three-part workshop series from University of British Columbia

R Programming Tutorial

  • YouTube (1h24min)

R Reference Card

  • Great 4 page document with commonly used commands

R Courses, Videos and Training through LinkedIn Learning

SAGE Research Methods

  • Access to numerous resources including books and video tutorials for all levels

Web Scraping

  • Tutorial on Basic Web Scraping with RSelenium
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