R is a free, open source programming language for statistical computing. It can be used for statistical analysis, data process automation and more!

Introductory Guides | R Workshops and Tutorials | Other Resources

Introductory Guides

R Workshops and Tutorials

  • Using R
    • Provides access to numerous resources and workshops
  • You're a student: The swirl R package
    • A good R tutorial which you run in R itself
  • Data Analysis in R
    • Three-part workshop series from University of British Columbia
  • R Open Labs
    • A set of open access lessons and workshops from the University of North Carolina. R Open Labs learning R starting at an introductory level and moving to specific libraries such as Shiny.
  • UBC Library Research Commons
    • A set of open access workshops and skill exercises ranging from digital scholarship, to data analysis, visualization , GIS and RDM. Some workshops include tutorials for R, Tableau and Excel.

Other Resources

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