SAS is a statistical software suite for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate/predictive analytics, etc… SAS is commonly used by StatCan as well.

The SAS website

  • Offers user guides and breakdowns of how to do various procedures

SAGE Research Methods

  • Access to numerous resources including books and video tutorials for all levels

Learn, Share, Build: Stack Overflow

  • Free to join community where you can ask questions about R, SAS, Python, etc… Community answers back quickly

Introduction to SAS - What is SAS

  • (Module 01, YouTube, 11min)

Introduction to SAS - Reading Data

  • (Module 02, YouTube, 10min)

Introduction to SAS - Creating New Variables

  • (Module 03, YouTube, 12min)

Introduction to SAS - Subsetting Data

  • (Module 04, YouTube, 6min)

UCLA: SAS Statistical Methods and Data Analysis

SAS Training, Videos and Courses through LinkedIn Learning

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