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2021 Census Research Kit

  • This toolkit will help familiarize you with the Census and key sources of data and other information. It will show you: topics covered by the 2021 Census, examples of research involving Census data, and Census 2021 reference tools and sources for your next research project.

Canada at a Glance

  • Presents current statistics on Canadian society, including subjects such as the population, education, health, prices and the economy, among others. Updated annually, this booklet includes 26 entries from 1995-2020 and is a very useful reference for those who want quick access to a current statistical portrait of Canada.

Canada Year Books

  • Presented in almanac style, the 2006-2012 Canada Year Book contains more than 500 pages of tables, charts and succinct analytical articles on every major area of Statistics Canada's expertise. The Canada Year Book is the premier reference on the social and economic life of Canada and its citizens.

  • The Historical Collection offers digital yearbooks from 1867-1967


  • These short bytes provide a variety of statistics from a variety of products to tell a visual, statistical story on many different topics.

Data Hubs

Data Literacy Training

  • "The Data Literacy Training Initiative's learning catalogue provides a wealth of resources aimed at those who are new to data, or those who have some experience with data but may need a refresher or want to expand their knowledge." (The Daily, May 3, 2021)

  • The training is organized around a data journey which represents the key stages of the data process and is not necessarily linear. It is intended to represent the different steps and activities that could be undertaken to produce meaningful information from data, from collecting the data; to cleaning, exploring, describing and understanding the data; to analyzing the data; and—lastly—to communicating the story the data tell to others:

Data Journey

Data Portals

Data Tables Find Guides

Data Visualizations: Interactive

DLI Survival Guide

  • Offers an overview of the Data Liberation Initiative membership, access and a helpful and thorough glossary of DLI-related terms.

Fact Sheets



  • This guide is a great starting point to assist with finding historical resources. It lists sources of historical statistics produced by Statistics Canada and its predecessor agencies. The guide also lists sources of information about the history of the Canadian census, surveys and statistical programs, and Statistics Canada.


  • Open Database of Infrastructure
  • Statistic Canada census maps show Canada and its geographic areas for which census data are tabulated and disseminated. This category includes static reference and thematic maps as well as the interactive mapping applications GeoSearch and Census Program Data Viewer.
Thematic Maps

Power from Data!

  • Training tool for students, teachers and the general population that will help them in getting the most from statistics. This resource aims to help readers: gain confidence in using statistical information, appreciate the importance of statistical information in today's society, make critical use of information that is presented to them.

StatCan Webpage: Where to Find What You Need!

StatsCAN Plus

  • A new offering that offers data insights on topics Canadians are talking about, and delves into the numbers behind the issue of the day. Sign up to be notified by email when new information is posted!


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