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Statistics Canada Data Literacy Training Initiative (Training Videos plus)

  • "The training videos are organized around a data journey. The data journey represents the key stages of the data process and is not necessarily linear. It is intended to represent the different steps and activities that could be undertaken to produce meaningful information from data, from collecting the data; to cleaning, exploring, describing and understanding the data; to analyzing the data; and—lastly—to communicating the story the data tell to others.

    The Data Literacy Training Initiative's learning catalogue provides a wealth of resources aimed at those who are new to data, or those who have some experience with data but may need a refresher or want to expand their knowledge." (The Daily, May 3, 2021)

  • There are 26 educational aids.

    • can be filtered by level of competency, level of data knowledge, and type of learning aid

    • categories include

      • Find - Gather - Protect

      • Explore - Clean - Describe

      • Analyze - Model

      • Tell the Story

      • Foundation

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