The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, more commonly known as the McGill Guide, is the most common style guide used in law for citing references. Most faculty in Law & Legal Studies prefer this style, but make sure you always check with them first!

The McGill Guide uses footnotes or endnotes (not in-text citation), as well as a bibliography of all works cited at the end of the research paper.

While the guide itself is not available online, learn how to cite the most common types of documents using uniform legal citation style by consulting our abbreviated guide here.

Note that this resource is a guide — not the authoritative manual — based on the 9th edition of the McGill Guide. If you don't know how to cite a particular item or you are citing an item not found in this guide, consult the print edition in the library, or contact us for help.

This guide provides an overview of the most recent McGill Guide, the 9th ed (2018). The 10th edition is not expected until sometime in 2023.

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