Make bias and positionality central to assessing your sources.

  • We need to be active producers and consumers of all forms of media.
    • As consumers, we need to think critically about the resources we are using and citing in our projects.
    • As producers, we need to be well informed about the resources we repost, retweet, or share with our friends, followers, and other internet users.
  • We have a social responsibility to share information that is accurate, evidence-based, and where the bias and/or position of the creator(s) is clearly acknowledged and challenged.


  • ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) is a direct-action advocacy group working to help those living with AIDS. ACT UP has been active since the 1980s.
  • To ACT UP is to push back against (i.e., challenge and change) dominant narratives, stereotypes that marginalize certain social groups, and oppressive hierarchies of knowledge production (i.e., ways of knowing and being that privilege one or more social groups over others).
  • Using the original ACT UP advocacy work as a model, this ACT UP test is designed to encourage information users to ask key questions that help them think critically about their sources as well as their own positionality/privilege and biases.

The following resources can be downloaded and used when evaluating information.


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