ArcGIS Desktop - Installation Guide

Esri's ArcGIS Desktop software is available for download for Carleton University's faculty, staff and students. These instructions are for installing ArcGIS Desktop on the Windows Operating System.

ArcGIS Desktop v. 10.x setup package is designed to detect and upgrade existing installation of ArcGIS from v.10.1.x - 10.x. Versions predating v.10.1.x will have to be uninstalled as well as any third-party extensions or tools before proceeding with the installation of ArcGIS Desktop v.10.6.x.


Step by step instructions: 

Step 1: Activate the authorization code

After signing the agreement and noted the EVA######### code at the bottom of the page (you can always login to this page to retrieve your EVA code, which is at the bottom of the page), visit the Esri Student Edition webpage log-in (new users will need to sign-up for a free Esri Global Account). Enter the EVA######### code and click on Activate ArcGIS.

DO NOT select a software version if prompted. Logout.

Step 2: Download the ArcGIS Desktop Student Edition

Download the ArcGIS Desktop Software onto your personal computer. You may be prompted to enter your MC1 (MyCarletonOne) Username and Password.

Step 3: Install ArcGIS for Desktop Student Edition

After downloading the ArcGIS for Desktop software, locate and run the .exe to install the software. (Right-click on the .exe file to Run as Administrator)

The files are extracted to the Documents folder by default.

When the extraction process is completed, ensure that the option "Launch the setup program" is checked and close the window.

Click Next on the Welcome window.

Read through and accept the license agreement. Then click Next.

Select the Complete option under Installation Type. Click Next.

The application is installed in the C:\Program Files. Click Next.

The program will install Python into a default folder. Click Next.

You can choose to participate (or not) in the Esri User Experience Improvement program by checking the box. Click Install.

Installation of the software may take a few minutes (sometimes even longer).

Click Finish once the installation is completed.

Step 4: Authorize ArcGIS Desktop

In the Start menu select the ArcGIS folder --- select ArcGIS Administrator  

Select "Desktop"

Select "Authorize Now..."

Select “Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use” and click OK.

In the Authorization Options window select "I have installed my software and need to authorize it". Click Next.

Ensure that you have internet access and select "Authorize with ESRI now using the Internet". Click Next.

Fill in the required authorization information. Click Next.

Select the information that bests describes you (if you are a student use the selections shown below). Click Next.

Enter the EVA######### used in Step 1. Click Next.

Leave the default option “I do not want to authorize any extension at this time" selected. Extensions are automatically authorized. Click Next.

In the Evaluate Software Extensions window click Next.

Once the Authorization is complete, click Finish.

Open ArcMap and start mapping!


Optional Step: ArcGIS Desktop Data Interoperability Extension

​You can download the Data Interoperability extension from the Signing Minisite:

Locate and run the .exe to install the ArcGIS for Data Interoperability extension. The software is automatically authorized with the authorization of ArcGIS Desktop.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Content last updated: September 21, 2020