Access Bloomberg off Campus

While the library buildings are closed we are able to temporarily provide access to Bloomberg off remotely. Please be patient and respectful of other users when using this system. If you have questions or run into difficulty please email

Steps to connect:

  1. Creating a New Bloomberg Account – This step only needs to be done if you do not have an active Bloomberg Terminal account (A terminal account that has been used within the last 90 days) or you created your account with a non-Carleton email.
  2. Logging into a Terminal Remotely

Bloomberg Code of Conduct (Please read before you connect)

  • Do not use the terminal longer then you need
  • Use the terminal for a maximum of two hours per day
  • Do not force others to log off so you can use the terminal. If a terminal is in use wait and log in at a different time.

With this remote access Bloomberg system, you’re randomly assigned to one virtual terminal when you create your account. You may log into your virtual terminal when it is already in use. When this occurs, you will get a popup box asking if you want to force the current user to logoff. The popup box includes the current users name and email. It is important to follow the code of conduct so everyone gets fair use of the system.




Content last reviewed: April 28, 2020