Creating a new Bloomberg Account

For users who do not have an existing Bloomberg account, have an account registered with a non-Carleton email address or have an account that has not been used for more then 90 days you can create a new Bloomberg account through the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) portal. This is a three step process:

Step 1 Create a Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Account

  1. If you do not already have a BMC account register for a BMC account at using your Carleton University email. Students must click Sign up as Learner, while faculty must click Sign up as Professor. If you already have a BMC account please skip to step 2.

Image of option to select between learner and facuty for BMC portal sign up.

  1. Fill in the required information to create an account. You must use your Carleton University email. Click signup:

Bloomberg Market Concepts Account Signup

  1. You do not need to complete this checkout step to get Bloomberg Terminal Access. If you are interested in the Bloomberg Market Concepts course the BMC account enables a free online BMC course (typically $149). This offer expires on December 31, 2020. A class code is not required. Click no for the class code option unless your professor has given you one.

BMC checkout

Step 2 Request Access to Carleton's Bloomberg Terminals

Once you have an Bloomberg Market Concepts account fill out the Request Access to Remote Bloomberg Terminal form. After you submit the form a library representative will enable your terminal access. We aim to accomplish this step within one business day.

Step 3 Create Your Bloomberg Terminal Account

  1. You need to wait until you have received an email confirmation from the library to start this step. The BMC account is not the same as a Bloomberg Terminal account. 
  2. Sign into the BMC Portal at and click the Terminal Access tab and fill out the information necessary to create an account. 

Create terminal login

  1. Once you have created a account you will be able to Connect to Bloomberg Remotely.
Content last updated: January 11, 2021