Logging into a Terminal Remotely

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Bloomberg Code of Conduct (Please read before you connect)

  • Do not use the terminal longer then you need
  • Use the terminal for a maximum of two hours per day

Connection Instructions

Step 1: Using the Firefox web browser Download and install Bloomberg’s Citrix receiver. If you do not have the Firefox web browser download and install it.

Step 2: Using the Firefox browser navigate to https://bba.bloomberg.net/ and enter your Bloomberg terminal username and password and click the login button.

The text boxes where you enter your username and password

Step 2: Choose email or mobile to receive the validation code. Click the Send button. Please note at times when Bloomberg is in high usage the code may be delayed. You may have to sign in and send a validation code several times before you are successfully able to connect. 

The message asking for you to choose a validation method.

Step 3: Once you receive the validation code insert the code and click the Submit button.

The text box where you enter your validation code

Step 4: Click the Launch with the Bloomberg Excel add-in button. Then click the LAUNCH arrow and select Launch with Citrix Receiver (Recommended). If you are unable to connect with Citrix you can try to Launch within Browser.

Launching Bloomberg with Citrix



Content last reviewed: September 16, 2020