Bloomberg for BUSI 1800

 Introduction to Bloomberg

The Bloomberg workstations are located on the west facing wall of the main level of the library – in the back of the building. Look for the binder on a consultation table where you can book a workstation for 2 hours per day.

Getting started: Create an Account

  • Sign into the CU network using your Carleton account.
  • Click on the Bloomberg icon on the desktop
  • Look for the option Create a New Account near the bottom of the page. The account you create will allow you to use all the workstations on campus. ** Note: you will need a cell phone to register as you will get either a text or a phone call with a code that is required to complete registration.


  • Sign into the CU network using your Carleton account
  • Select the Excel Add-In on the desk top, click and add it to your account
  • Click on the Bloomberg icon on the desktop
  • Press Enter or GO to begin
  • Enter your username/password.
  • Press GO

Log off

  • Right click at the top of the screen or press CONN DFLT
  • Select Exit Bloomberg
  • Log off your network connection

Get Help 

  • Come during a Bloomberg Open House for training and help with assignments.
  • Contact Matthew Gertler in Reference Services to set up an appointment for help.
  • Press the Help Key once to get definitions and an explanation for the current page.

BUSI 1800 Bloomberg Assignment:  Searching for Company Information

  • Type in company name DO NOT PRESS ENTER.
  • Look for Company name under the heading Securities and click on it.
  • To get a description of the company, chose 2) Security Description from the table of contents.
  • Proceed to N. 4 of your assignment

Save It

  1. After you key in IAM to get your name on your company description, click on the yellow icon – top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Mouse over Take Window Screenshot, then to the left select Save.
  3. Give the file a name and save to desktop as image (it will save as a GIF)
  4. Go to the desktop and open a blank word document
  5. Also from the desktop, open the GIF.
  6. Simply copy the GIF and paste into your word doc.
  7. Name your file and save it to the desktop, student drive or memory stick or email it to yourself.
  8. Complete Part 2 of the assignment on the same word doc and upload as one file.
Content last updated: February 19, 2019