Digital Publication Examples: Bibliography

Refer to Print Publications – Books in this guide for formatting of multiple authors or editors. Make sure to read the note about DOIs and URLs.

Note: Make sure you space and indent your citations as per The Chicago Manual of Style rules. Entries are single-spaced. Keep the first line flush with the left-hand margin. Indent successive lines 0.5” or 1.27 cm. Components are separated by periods.

Basic Format: Books

Author (Last name, First name). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, date of publication. DOI URL or e-book.

Basic Format: Articles 

Author (Last name, First name). “Title of Article.” Title of Journal volume, no. of issue (year of publication): page(s). DOI, URL or e-book.


One author

Burrows, John. Freedom and Indigenous Constitutionalism. (Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 2016). Scholars Portal e-book.

Multiple authors

Dixon, John and David Macarov. Poverty: A Persistent Global Reality. Routledge: 1998. MyiLibrary e-book.

Journal articles

Kawasaki, Jodee L., and Matt R. Raven. "Computer-Administered Surveys in Extension." Journal of Extension 33 (June 1995): 1-25.

Magazine articles

Patriquin, Martin. “Does Justin Trudeau Risk Being Overexposed?”. Maclean’s. August 26, 2016.

Theses and dissertations

Fatemeh, Bagherian. “An evaluation of Carleton Hotline for Administration and Teaching "CHAT".” PhD diss., Carleton University, 1999.

Web documents

Notten, Geranda and Michael Mendelson. Using low income and material deprivation to monitor poverty reduction.(Ottawa: Caledon Institute of Public Policy,July 2016.

Web pages

Smith, Bob. "Evanston Public Library Strategic Plan, 2000-2010: A Decade of Outreach." Evanston Public Library.

Weblogs (Blogs)

Catholicgauze. Geographic Travels (blog).

Lecture slides and handouts from CULearn

Nimijean, Richard. “Doing Research in Canadian Studies.” Lecture. Carleton University, Ottawa, ON. May 2, 2016. /mod/book/view.php?id=799682

Content last updated: July 17, 2020