Journals and E-Journals

Note: This page deals with CSE style citation in the Name-Year system. Click here for Citation-Sequence and Citation-Name. 

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General Guidelines

  • Author names are listed in order of appearance, citing the surname, followed by a space, and the author initials as given. e.g. Smith E, or Jones FH
  • Article title: Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and proper nouns and adjectives
  • Journal titles should be abbreviated. You can consult the NLM Catalog, as well as the Journal Title Abbreviations page from the California Institute of Technology Library
  • E-journals require the inclusion of an update and access date (e.g. [Date updated; Date accessed], as well as a URL and/or DOI included in the Notes
  • Pagination refers to the page numbers in which the article is located

Standard Journal Article

Author(s). Date. Article title. Journal title. Volume(issue):pagination.


Kent HA. 1962. Polyovular follicles and multinucleate ova in the overies of young hamsters. Anat Rec. Vol.143(4): p. 345-349.

Multiple Authors

For more than 1 author, seperate names using a comma.

Author(s). Date. Article title. Abbreviated Journal title. Volume(issue):pagination.


Timmermans MC, Das OP, Messing J. 1994. Geminiviruses and their uses as extrachomosomal replicons. Annu rev plant physiol plant mol biol. Vol. 45: p. 79-112

Note: For more than 10 authors, list the first 10 followed by "et al."


Insert a URL and a DOI (if available) in the notes section.

Author(s). Date. Title of article. Abbreviated Journal Title. [date updated; date accessed];volume(issue): Extent. Notes.


Pavlova D, Pinxten R, Eens M. 2010. Age-related changes of song traits in female European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Anim Biol. [accessed 2019 Mar 25];Vol.60(1): p.43-59. doi: 10.1163/157075610X12610595764138

Content last reviewed: March 14, 2019