Sample Reference List: Name-Year

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Always include a reference list with full bibliographic information for all cited sources at the end of your report.

The sample reference list found below is formatted according to the Name-Year system. Be sure to be consistent throughout your assignment in whichever style you chose to use.

If you wish to cite using the Citation-Sequence systemclick here

If you wish to cite using the Citation-Name system, click here

Using Name-Year

  • References must be unnumbered 
  • Order references alphabetically by author surname

Formatting your reference list

  • Place your reference list at the end of your document
  • Begin the reference list on a new page with the title "References" centered in the page.
  • Keep the first line flush with the left-hand margin
  • Indent successive lines 1.27cm (also called a hanging indent)


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Content last reviewed: March 21, 2019