Theses and Dissertations

Note: This page deals with CSE style citation in the Name-Year system. Click here for Citation-Sequence and Citation-Name. 

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General Guidelines

  • Author names are listed in order of appearance, citing the surname, followed by a space, and the author initials as given. e.g. Smith E, or Jones FH
  • Title: Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and proper nouns and adjectives.
  • Place of publication is listed as the city, and the state or province in brackets (e.g. Ottawa (ON) or Denver (CO) ). For cities outside of the U.S. and Canada, include the country in brackets (e.g. London (England) ). If you wish, you may use the 2 letter ISO country code (e.g. Rome (IT) or Geneva (CH) ) 
  • Publishers of theses or dissertations are often the university or institution granting the degree
  • Extent and Notes are entirely optional citation elements.
    • Extent refers to pagination, unnumbered pages, volumes, or screens.
    • Notes may indicate that the work is in a language other than English, the ISBN, location, URL, or DOI

Thesis or Dissertation: Print

Author(s). Date. Title [content designator]. Place of publication: Publisher. Extent. Notes.


Ruscito A. 2015. Selection of DNA aptamers for mycotoxins [master's thesis]. Ottawa ON: Carleton University. 

Thesis or Dissertation: Electronic

Note: When citing an electronic thesis or dissertation, use the extent and notes sections to insert a URL, DOI, or to indicate alternative sources such as databases. 

Author(s). Date. Title [content designator]. Place of publication: Publisher. [updated YYYY MMM DD, accessed YYYY MMM DD]. Extent. Notes.


Brenna JM. 2007. When can genetic information be used to measure inter-population movement. Ottawa ON: Carleton University. [accessed 2019 Mar 30]. doi: 10.22215/etd/2007-06195. 

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