Downloading ebooks with the BlueFire Reader app on Apple (IOS) devices

Digital rights management (DRM) is an approach to copyright protection for digital media that can include publisher restrictions on borrowing time, copying and printing of ebooks. Bluefire Reader is the recommended app to use from most ebook publishers, in accessing DRM ebooks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With Bluefire Reader you can read EPUB and PDF eBooks, using an Adobe login and password.

Carleton University Library has several ebook collections that require an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions including:

Setting up your Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions

  • Go to to set up your Adobe ID, which is a free personal account. This ID and login are limited for use on six (6) personal devices.
  • Note: Record this account information for future use.

Download the BlueFire reader app from your devices App Store

Install and open the free app.

Authorize BlueFire Reader with an Adobe ID and password

For more information on using the app, read the Bluefire Reader User Guide (included with the app)

Reading ebooks

To access and download ebooks, search Omni or the ebook database collection page. When you click on a link to download, you will be guided through the steps to read it using BlueFire Reader.


The downloaded file ending in “acsm” will prompt you to open it in a reader app. Choose BlueFire Reader as recommended.


The ebook will then download. Please note the number of days for the checkout loan. After this time is up, the title will no longer be available for reading on your device. More details can be found under the Info tab. You also have the option to return the title before the loan date is up.



How long is my borrowing time?

Each publisher has various borrowing times. When you download the ebook, you will be provided with the return date. Within BlueFire Reader, click Info tab to see details such as the due back date, file type etc. You also have the option to return the ebook earlier than the “due back date”- tap “Return Item”.

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to read e-books?
Not necessarily. If you have downloaded the ebook to BlueFire reader you can access the e-book without an internet connection.

Can I use a computer in the library to download BlueFire reader app?

No. Although there is a new version of the software for PC windows, BlueFire Reader can only be downloaded onto your own personal computer or mobile devices.

See for general information and updates.

Content last updated: July 24, 2020