Finding Government Publications in the Catalogue

Look in the library catalogue for official publications such as annual reports, reports of commissions of inquiry and statistics issued under the authority of a government at any level or by an international intergovernmental  organization.

If you know the author or title of a government publication, use the author or title index to locate it.

Keyword Search

There are two ways to locate material in the government publications collection by keyword.

When looking for government publications you should usually include a country or place name to narrow the search.

All materials

  • To find both government publications and other materials use the 'Search the Catalogue' box to enter your search terms and leave 'Keyword' in the drop-down box.

Only government publications

  • Choose 'Advanced Search' link
  • Leave 'Keyword' and then choose 'Government Documents' as the LOCATION. 
  • You can also limit your search by language, date, or sorting options on this page.
  • You can limit a keyword search by government body name; type in "a:" and enter the name of the government body.

Example: a: World Bank and China for material by the World Bank on China

Subject Heading Search

Here you will see two subject indexes: one for 'Library of Congress Subject Headings' and one for 'Government Documents Subject Headings'. 

The Government Documents Subject Headings Search is a thematic index that uses headings specific to government information. It is organized by topic with subdivisions for place and aspect.

Example: Sustainable development – Canada -- Agriculture

Caution: Many older government publications lack Library of Congress subject headings.

Microfiche Collections

Major microfiche collections such as Microlog (Canadian Research Index) and United Nations microfiche (AccessUN index) have their own online indexes and are not listed by individual title in the library catalogue.

Content last updated: April 25, 2018