Geology Maps and GIS Data

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Ottawa Geology Maps and GIS Data

Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) has released geological maps in their “A” Series maps. Below are 
maps that are available for the Ottawa area through the GSC website. We also have these maps in paper 
format and are stored in the GSC “A” Seriesmap cabinet

  1. Surficial Geology, lower Ottawa Valley, Ontario-Quebec (2140A)
  2. Surficial geology, Ottawa, Ontario-Québec (1506A)
  3. Generalized Bedrock Geology Ottawa-Hull(1508A)
  4. Surficial Materials and Terrain Features of Ottawa-Hull, Ontario-Quebec (1425A)
  5. Ottawa, Carleton, Gatineau, and Papineau Counties, Ontario and Québec (1038A)
  6. Ottawa-Cornwall, Ontario and Québec (852A)
  7. Nepean, Carleton, Lanark, Grenville, Dundas, Gatineau and Papineau Counties, Ontario and 
    Québec (588A)
  8. Ottawa Sheet, West Half, Carleton and Hull Counties, Ontario and Quebec (414A)
  9. Ottawa Sheet, East Half, Carleton and Hull Counties, Ontario and Quebec (413A)
  10. GIS Data - Urban geology of the National Capital Area
  11. GIS Data - Surficial Geology, Ottawa, Ontario-Quebec (1506A)
  12. GIS Data - Bedrock Geology from National Capital Commission (NCC) (part of NCC Thematic Data)

Ontario Geology Maps and GIS Data

Ontario Geological Survey's OGSEarth provides geoscience data, collected by the Mines and Minerals division, which can be viewed using user-friendly geographic information programs such as Google Earth.

OGSEarth provides data on the following topics:

  • Mining claims
  • Geology
  • Index maps
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Abandoned mines

Canada Geological Maps and GIS Data

  1. Geological Survey of Canada (GSC)
    GSC has released geological maps in digital files through the GEOSCAN online database. When searching for maps, use the Advanced search to search specifically the “A” Series maps or the Canadian Geoscience maps. The “A” Series maps are those that focus on Geology and have been recently replaced with the GSC Canadian Geoscience Map. Most of the maps from these series show the geology of a specific area at a larger scale. These are also available in paper format in the GSC “A” Seriesmap cabinetin the library. Below are some of the more general maps that cover all of Canada from the “A” Series.

​World Geological Maps and GIS Data

  1. Association of American State Geologists (AASG)
    Great website to have direct access to each US states’ geological survey and agency.
  2. United States Geological Survey (USGS)
    Resource for maps and related data about geology, hazards, earth resources, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, paleontology and marine geology. 85,000+ maps, images, data, and products. Data viewer allows the user to find regional geologic maps and information in the Map Catalogue and Lexicon of Geologic Names (Geolex).
  3. One Geology
    This is an international initiative of the geological surveys of the world. This groundbreaking project was launched in 2007 and contributed to the 'International Year of Planet Earth', becoming one of their flagship projects.
Content last reviewed: July 23, 2020