Grey Literature: how to find it?

How to find it?

Select keyword search terms for your topic

  • Choose words that represent the key concepts of your research topic or question

Create a search string using Boolean operators

  • think of synonyms for each concept and groups synonyms with brackets using OR to connect them
  • use AND operator to search multiple ideas and/or phrases
  • use the truncation symbol * (asterisk) to replace word endings or variant spellings, ie: enviro*
  • use quotation marks to ensure that words are searched together as a phrase

Locate key authors

  • use academic networking
  • use listservs
  • Blogging (blog searching engine)
  • Podcast searching, specialized directories

Start with a search engine on the library home page (narrow down results by content type)

Explore the following databases:

Use Cited Reference Searching
Scanning reference lists ‘snowballing,’ bibliographies and academic CVs

Search Repositories

Content last reviewed: January 28, 2020